January 2017
16th Noon Christine's Practical Franciscan Living
23rd 7pm Angie's Eucharist
February 2017
27th 7:00pm Margaret's (Romsey) Postulancy Notes 1
28th 7:30pm Veronica's Pre-Lent reflection and pancakes
March 2017
15th Noon Margaret's (Winchester) Postulancy Notes 3
27rd 7pm Nigel's Postulancy Notes 2 led by Gillian
April 2017
27th 10am - 4pm Venue TBA Area Quiet Day led by Revd. Eileen Weatherall
May 2017
18th 7:30pm Roger and Hilary's DVD - Following Francis
22nd 7pm Gillian and Alan's Subject TBA - led by Nigel
June 2017
13th to
  Area Retreat Hilfield Friary
23rd Noon Robert's Reflection on Area Retreat
26th 7:00pm Sue's Martha - led by Caroline and Anne
July 2017
17th Noon Tania's Joy and the celebration of the Eucharist
17th 7pm Lesley's DVD - Following Francis
August 2017
11th or 12th TBA TBA Area Celebration for St. Clare's Day
September 2017
15th 7:30pm TBA Day of Penitence and thoughts on reconcilliation
25th 7pm Angies's Subject TBA - led by Anne
October 2017
7th 10am - 4pm St. Peter, Goodworth Clatford Francistide Area Day
November 2017
14th Noon Roger and Hilary's Ageing - TSSF Booklet
27th 7pm Sue's Keeping a journal
December 2017
13th 7:30pm Venue TBA Area Crib Blessing
Events in 2017